Payment Gateway to facilitate online payment

What kind of payment options you would provide in your ecommerce store? It has been shown statistically that the lack of payment options prove rather inconvenient for the end users and that significantly have a big negative impact on the sales of your ecommerce store.

It also adds frustration to the shoppers shelling out time to search for products to purchase but not able to do so as the payment options seems inappropriate for them. In case this happens then, all the efforts put by you to get the shoppers to your site to entice them to buy your products seems to go in waste.

Payment gateway integration requirements

Which payment options will suit my product, market and end users?

  • What is my target market, local or international?
  • What type of ecommerce system im using, readymade or custom made?
  • How much it is going to cost for the initial setup? What about the commissions per sale?

All the above is very important for a successfull ecommerce payment gateway, leave it to us and we will sort it out for you.