Who We Are

Welcome to Net Focus Technology / Net Genesis. We are a company specializing in creating excellent website designs specifically suited to the needs and wants of our corporate, business and individual clients. Creating designs that stand out is our passion. Helping you get the results you want for your business is our mission. We understand that web design service is a personalized thing- your business must rise to the top, and we have been consistently doing this for every client we help. Creating a safe spot in the virtual world is no laughing matter; we take web design service as seriously as we can to provide you the best possible website designs and to deliver what you exactly want us to create. Sloppy websites have no place in our company; our team of dedicated and amazing web design developers take your business and ideas into consideration and create a website that will fit your specifications accurately and adequately.

Our company was operational since 2011 in Malaysia, with the aim to take web design services to a higher level. Our premier services in the field of website development have been trusted by a number of clients whom we helped reach for their business dreams through our excellent teamwork. You can trust us to create customized, quality websites with a touch of creativity and class.

Our team of excellent website design developers are always on-hand, ready to take your suggestions, and turn them to reality via a website with the specifications you are looking for. A streamlined website with crisp features is what we deliver to our clients; you can always count on our ability, dedication and experience to deliver the highest standards of service.

Why Choose Net Focus Technology / Net Genesis?

Great businesses flourish with a little creativity and lots of hard work. But if your company doesn’t have a place in the virtual world, then the chances of winning your game in the business jungle is put on unfavorable odds. Hence, a clean website design is what you need to keep your head on in the business battle.

Web design service is important to businesses as air is essential to humans. Without a creative website, a business cannot flourish in the modern world. A polished and streamlined website is very essential for your business to create a marked spot in the virtual world. More and more people are turning to online stores to get what they need, and transactions done via the web is becoming more popular and practical at the same time. To save you from the hassle of thinking how to put up an attention-grabbing website, we’re here to help.

You can trust us to make a difference in your business by creating websites that are at-par with international standard. We use quality and modern tools in developing your websites and incorporate every know-how we have into making your website the best that it can be.  Our end-outputs are clean-cut websites that can drive traffic into your enterprise and can create your own spot in the virtual world. Regardless of what industry we work on, we strive to become true to our mission of helping you grow your enterprise through our excellent designs and customized services. We have worked for several clients and have maintained a good relationship with each one of them. Net Focus Technology guarantees satisfaction with every web design service we complete for you.

Entrust your entry to the virtual world with the experts, to people who make your business foster through easy-to-use, streamlined and crisp websites that customers will remmeber. Make your presence known online now. We’ll help you reach that with our excellent web design services.  Welcome to our world, you’re in great hands.

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